A TravelZoo.com review: There are better options for your online travel booking.

On review site,  Viewpoints.com, they give TravelZoo  2.8 stars (out of 5).  One reviewer said “Travelzoo.com is a good basic site for finding deals on hotels, airline tickets, rental cars, vacation packages, and cruises.”.

Pros:  Some “travel specials” are posted and you may find a deal that works for you.

Cons: Time consuming, do not post rates, fall short of the best travel search websites.

TravelZoo.com is not a great place to do search for hotels for a specific location.  With sites like Kayak.com and BestTravelCoupon.com available there is no need to search this site for hotels or flights.

We ran some tests for hotels in Los Angeles  and Portland.  Travelzoo fell short of the mark when compared with our top sites for travel booking.  They do not post the rates on the site but just send have links to other sites.  So you can’t instantly see the lowest prices.

Below you will find a screenshot of our search.  All they do is provide links to Priceline, Expedia, and other travel sites.  No rates are posted.  They do not search and sort the lowest rates for you like a true “Travel Search Engine”

Once you do a search you’ll see a list of “Recommended Sites” but you will NOT SEE ANY RATES posted.  So what do you have to do?  You have to click on the links for Expedia or Booking.com.  And then go to these sites to search for your deal…then go to the next site…and so on and on…

Simply not the most time efficient method to search for travel deals.  As you can see in the screenshot you have to click on the buttons “See Rates”.  This will take you to these websites to view the rates.  Therefore it is not the best method or fastest way to compare rates across many sites.

Think about it…What would you rather do:

  1. Use Travelzoo.com which requires you to search each travel site one by one.
  2. Go to BestTravelCoupon.com and Kayak.com and allow them to search many sites and post the lowest rates for you.
The decision is easy. You can save time and money with our two top travel sites.

For discount travel stick to our top two:

  1. BestTravelCoupon.com - Our #1 Travel Search Engine.  Very consistent with the lowest rates.
  2. Kayak.com - Our #2 site for your travel search.  Also with excellent rates
Both of these sites will save time and money for you.

Stick to what works…use these sites for your online travel booking.


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