New travel site called aims to make travel planning even easier by not only providing flight information but helping you book the full door-to-door journey (which may include trains, buses, ferries and taxis). review
We did a rate comparison test on flights with and our top 2 “Travel Search Engines” ( &  The flight search was from Los Angeles to Palermo Italy. Flight date: 6/19/2013 to 7/24/2013.

Results For Lowest Rates On This Flight Search:

  • – $1856
  • – $1856
  • – $1,759

As you may know from reading our reviews on, uses a different search tool then  Kayak uses the popular (and very good!) ITA software from Google.   However, it is important to realize that many travel booking sites use ITA including, Orbitz, Bing Travel, Hotwire,, Hipmunk, and many more.

Why is this important to you as a travel deal shopper?  If you are bouncing around to many sites to search for travel deals you may be searching with the same tools over and over again.  (which is often the case with flights because of the wide spread use of ITA Software on many travel sites).

Does Rome2Rio also use this tool?  We do not know at this point.  We will do some comparisons in the future to see if they pull up different rates and flight options. does not use ITA software which gives the travel shopper another tools to quickly compare rates.  Right now?  Our advice is to use our top 2 travel booking sites for flights. and should have you covered on every flight available for your destination.

More to come on including a full review and details about the unique aspect of their site (the “full route planning” including ferries, bus, etc).

For now…
Here are the screenshots from our flight comparison:

Flight Search Comparison

Rome2Rio Review

Best Travel Search Engine


Websites used for search comparison:



UPDATE 3/17/2013 uses ITA (or for flights). On, we found this comment from people at Rome2Rio “We use Kayak to present airfares and refer users through their system for flight booking.”.  

It seems the core focus of the site is to help with full travel plans that may include trains (helpful in Europe where many travel by train…In the USA? Not so much and may not add value to travelers inside the USA and destinations that don’t require travel by train).

Read more at:







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