Kayak or BestTravelCoupon?

We have the answer!

This is what we did…
  • We took 2 of the best travel booking sites out there…
  • We searched for the lowest rates for a hotel in Los Angeles, CA…
  • Date of search was 8/20/2014.  We searched for 1 night stay for 9/22/2014.
  • We randomly picked 15 of the best hotels in Los Angeles…
  • And we compared rates between the 2 booking sites…
The sites we tested were…
  • Kayak.com
  • BestTravelCoupon.com
Both sites act as a “travel search engines”.  They search a number of different travel booking sites and posts the lowest rates they can find.
The results of our 2014 rate comparison show one clear winner…
In each and every rate comparison, BestTravelCoupon.com beat Kayak.com with a lower rate.  In most cases it was a significant difference.  For example, for the Beverly Hilton, Kayak had a rate of $351 while BestTravelCoupon.com rate was much lower at $254.
Kayak.com and BestTravelCoupon.com


The rates you see in the chart include all taxes and fees.  When comparing rates, it’s important to check the link on Kayak  for the “Nightly + local taxes and fees” like you see in the screenshot below.   BestTravelCoupon.com instantly includes all taxes and fees on their search results.
Here is a screenshot of Kayak and the link to include “Taxes & Fees”:
What About Other Cities?
Over the past 3 years, we have run rate comparisons tests in many cities.  in most cases, BestTravelCoupon.com found the lowest rates for us.  Here is another example.  We searched for rates in Montreal, Canada.  Search was conducted on August 22, 2014.   15 hotel rate comparisons.  See results below:
Here is a screenshot of one hotel comparison.  While Kayak tends to post results from only the large travel booking sites such as Priceline, BestTravelCoupon.com searches these large sites, as well as a large number of smaller booking sites.  You will often see results from smaller travel booking sites that beat the rates posted on Kayak.
Need A Hotel?  Want To Quickly Find The Lowest Rates?
We suggest you start your search at BestTravelCoupon.com.    In our testing this is the best travel booking option for hotels.  It consistently beats Kayak, Priceline, and the others.
BestTravelCoupon.com also has a free app.  We included this app, along with apps such as whatsAPP and Onavo,  in our list of the  ”Best Travel Apps”.  Click the image below for our article on these travel apps:
Best Travel Booking App

How To Quickly Find The Lowest Hotel Rates?

In this short video below, you can see how to quickly find 4 star hotels at 2 star prices.  It works in Los Angeles and any other city around the world.


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