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If you want to quickly find a great hotel deal the best way to do this is utilize the search functions of our top 2 travel search engines.  These sites are and   We suggest starting with and then double checking your rate on Kayak.   Searching for hotel deals on these 2 sites is the most efficient way to find the best rates.

Here is an example of a search & price comparison test.  We searched 5 different Las Vegas hotels and compared the rates:

  Hotel Name Price On Hotel Site
1 The Bellagio $1,633 $1,682  $1,681  $1,656 Only $1,480
2           Cosmopolitan of          Las Vegas $1,741 $1,737 $1,742 $1,717 Only $1,174

The Venetian

$1,393 $1,611 $1,403 $1,392 Only $1,086
4 Four Seasons $1,628 $1,629 $1,494 Does Not List This Hotel Only $1,291
5 MGM Grand $1,075 $1,024 $1,018 $1,012 Only $693 consistently posted the lowest rate.   See video below to see how it works:

When we search we like to double check the rate by going to Kayak and compare the rates.  This is all you need to do.  You can avoid bouncing around different travel sites and searching online.  Just stick to these 2 sites and you’ll see everything you need and you can be certain you’re getting the lowest posted rate for your travel.

If you want to see more….here are some good price comparisons on hotel prices.  The tests including searching many of the top travel sites for the same hotel and dates.

Here are 2  links with price comparisons from different locations:

You can also run your own tests and compare.  In fact, we encourage you to do this.

Most likely you used on of the following travel sites to book hotels:


Try your own price comparison. Enter your destination and dates and do a quick test and price comparison between your favorite travel sites and our top 2 travel booking sites..  In most cases, you will CONSISTENTLY see the best prices at and

In summary, stick with our top 2 travel search engines to shop for your travel deals.  It will save both time and money for you.

Save Time…Save Money…Use these two sites for Hotel Deals and Cheap Flights.  Between them they will search hundreds of different travel sites for you.  They will find every hotel deal and low rate that matched your search.  And they will post it for you in an easy to understand format that offers different room options, travel reviews, and more.

First search…then search  This is an easy to follow two step plan to find the best travel deals.

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