Discount Flights - How To 2013Getting the best deal on airfare is not restricted to the website you choose to book your flight.

The biggest factor when shopping for a low rate?  It could be the day you travel.  Or when you book your flight.

What Day To Fly For The Lowest Rates?

If you can be flexible when you fly, it is generally a good idea to try and book your flight to depart on a Wednesday.  Tuesday is the 2nd best option.  If these days are unavailable then try a Saturday departure. did a survey that determined when to book to find the cheapest flight.  Here is a summary of the survey:

  • Best Days to Travel(USA): The Kayak survey also found that average lowest-priced domestic fares leave on Saturday and return on Wednesday, except for trips of longer than one week, when leaving on Tuesday and coming back on Wednesday was the best deal.  Overall, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays usually were the least expensive for domestic trips.
  • Best Days To Travel(International):  Best days to save for international trips is a Saturday departure and returning on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
For both domestic and international flights avoid Sundays which are consistently the most expensive day to fly.

When Should You Book Your Flight?

Another Factor…When you book!
Booking too far in advance can cost you.  According to Kayak,  the best time frame to book your flight is:
  • Domestic Flights(USA): Book 21 days before your departure date on Domestic flights.
  • International Flights: Book 34 days before your international flight.

To sum it up…DO NOT book too early!   If you do it can cost you hundreds of dollars.  For example, reserving six months in advance can cost 19 percent more than the same flight if you booked it only three weeks before your flight .

Where To Book For The Cheapest Flight?

The fastest and easiest way to find the lowest rates in airline travel is to use 2 travel sites.  These travel sites work as a “Travel Search Engine”.  They allow you to instantly search other travel sites for the lowest rates.  However, they use different search tools.  They will pull up different flight options and rates on flights (works for hotels too).

Therefore…you should always check both.  They will cover just about every available flight in the world for you with just 2 searches.

The Best Travel Sites To Book Are…

Kayak - They use a flight search tool called “ITA Software”.  Many travel sites use it.  It’s an excellent flight search tool.

Cheap Flights - - They do NOT use ITA Software.  They use a different flight search tool that will pull up different flight options and rates.

By using just these 2 travel sites you should have every flight option covered.  You can be confident in the search results you find on these 2 travel sites.  Plus, it saves a lot of time for you.




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