The Frugal Traveler at The New York Times is a well known travel writer Seth Kugel.  On 12/5/2013, he wrote an article about finding the best deal on a last minute holiday deal.

He offered some suggestions such as using to search for the best hotel deals.  Well..we have a question for the “Frugal Traveler”.  The question is:

“Why restrict your hotel search to only”Review of

Wouldn’t it be a better suggestion to use the “Travel Search Engine” at to search for the best hotel deal?

Why is this a better option than using

Well, lets start with saying is an excellent travel booking website.  It’s also one of the 100+ travel booking sites that will search for you with 1 click.  The point here is it is wiser to use instead of only

Using allows you to search while at THE SAME TIME search 100s of other travel sites such as, Expedia, Venere, GetARoom, and more.  BTC will then sort the results for you.   If has the lowest rate they post it with a direct link to But often, such as the examples in this article by the Frugal Traveler, does not have the lowest rate.

I checked rates on both sites for the hotel from the article. Same hotel. Same dates.  MUCH different results. was almost 50% higher per night than

Here are the search results below.  We searched on 12/5/2013 for the same dates in the article (12/24-12/27)

The article mentioned a Cancun Hotel called:  ”Hotel Suites Gaby”.  This Cancun hotel had a rate of $66/night on matched the rate mentioned in the NY Times article).  However, here is a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This rate on does not include the 14% tax on this hotel. With the tax the total cost for this hotel is actually over $75/night on (12/24-12/27)

After visiting, I checked “Hotel Suites Gaby” on  One of the best features on BTC is this site INSTANTLY posts the total cost of the hotel including any tax.  The best rate on BTC was only $53/night (Including the tax) (12/24-12-27).

The Final Tally On Our Quick Review: $75/night Only $53/night

Next time, use when comparing hotel rates in any city.  It truly is the best travel booking option and search tool for finding hotel deals. review

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Travel Search Engine

Reviews Of

FINAL COMMENT: This post really is not a review but rather an obvious suggestion on how you can quickly find the lowest rates in travel.  You can do that by using  Let it search (and 100s of other travel sites) for you.

***Search Comparison between and By Bryce Hawkins on 12/5/2013

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