In the 80′s we used travel agents.

In the 90′s the development of online travel websites such as Orbitz and Priceline made it easier to book hotels, flights, and travel deals.

In the past few years, we’ve seen a new spin on travel booking websites.   “Travel Search Engines” are now here and they make it even easier to search and shop for travel deals.

What is a travel search engine? It’s a site that searches several different travel websites for the lowest rates in travel.

The appeal behind the travel search engine is: “Why Search only 1 Travel Site At A Time When They Can Search Over 100 For You?”

It’s a great concept.  Have you caught onto it yet?  I ask because Google tells us the average consumer has not.

According to a 2012 report from Google, the average travel shopper visits over 20 different travel sites during 9.5 sessions at the computer BEFORE booking their travel.  Is this you?

Are you visiting 20-22 sites?

Why waste your time?  How about this…instead of bouncing around from several travel sites, why not use an easier way to instantly find the lowest rates in travel?

THIS IS HOW THE TRAVEL SEARCH ENGINE CAN HELP.  One of the most popular “Travel Search Engines” is  They’ve been around for years.  In 2012, purchased them for over $1 Billion.   They provide a useful service to many.  However….there is something better for you.

In 2012, a new travel search engine was launched at This site uses different search tools then Kayak.  It allows users to instantly search hundreds of different travel sites and pulls up more lodging and flight options then any other travel site.  It pulls up more travel options, more hotel options, more room options, and more flight options then

In addition to offering more choices and options, BestTravelCoupon does not waste your time and “tease” you with a “false nightly rate”.   Have you seen this?  The travel sites will post a 5 night hotel stay for $100/night and then you get to the final stage and they pop an additional “TAXES AND FEES” row on your bill?

Have you ever clicked on this link for “Taxes & Fees”.  It often includes a nice commission for the travel site.   They like to throw that in at the end just when you’re ready to book.

At  They INSTANTLY post your total cost!   No last second bump in your bill when booking.


Below we have an example of several price comparisons where this travel search engine beats the best rates on Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire, Cheaptickets, Kayak and a few more:

Click Here For Price Comparison

Check out the difference in rates.  Or…just do your own search the next time you need a hotel or flight.  To do your own comparison on the “Best Travel Search Engine” in the world then just visit: - Travel Search Engine


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