In 2013, we did extensive testing and comparing of the best “travel search engines” and travel booking websites.  We tested Orbitz, Hotwire,, Hipmunk, Rome2Rio, Kayak, Priceline, & more.

We also tested the new meta-search site called (BTC).

Based on nothing more than our 2013 testing and rate comparisons, we ranked BTC as the #1 travel search engine.  This site consistently delivered the lowest rates.

Well…our 2014 testing and comparing is now finished.  And once again…the best  travel booking option will be a surprise to many.

2014 Top Travel Booking Website

Just like 2013, our best travel booking website in 2014 is  Once again, this is based on nothing more than our rate comparisons.   We compared rates and BTC was the best option to book your travel. (See links below for test results).

What About has the slogan “search one and done”. However, is that really the case?  While we still like Kayak for flight searches (they use the powerful Google ITA Software for flights), they simply do not measure up to BTC when searching for hotel rates.

When searching Kayak for hotels they tend to pull up rates from only the largest booking sites such as Expedia and Priceline.  The search results are limited.  This is the big difference with BTC and Kayak.  Kayak search is limited while BTC shows more booking options and consistently lower rates.

NY Times & has touted BTC since our 2013 rate comparison.  Our 2014 testing results confirmed our 2013 findings and we still have BTC as the #1 travel booking site.

In August, 2014 the NY Times noticed.,  a San Pedro, CA-based travel website, was recently mentioned in the NY Times.  The writer for the NY Times piece is well-known Seth Kugel (AKA “The Frugal Traveler“).  Kugel has worked for the NY Times for years and appears on Good Morning America offering money-saving travel tips.  On August 19, 2014, he mentioned in a how-to article on finding discount hotel rates.

Of, Kugel wrote “…it appears to search more sites than Kayak and thus sometimes finds lower prices. I did a search for Seattle in September and it did get me a slightly lower price than Kayak’s best…

This is exactly what we find when comparing Kayak with BTC. While Kayak seems to only search a the large travel sites such as Expedia,,, & Travelocity, BTC goes the extra step and searches more.

BTC searches the large sites listed above plus smaller travel booking sites such as HotelsClick, Vivastay, OnHotels, Prestigia, HotelClub, Despegar, Otel, Ebookers, Skoosh, Hotelopia, and over 100 more.  Often times, its these smaller travel sites with the best rates.  Kayak-users will not see these booking options.

By searching more travel sites, is truly the “search one and done” service Kayak promotes. They make it easier for a traveler to instantly find the lowest rates.  It saves both time and money for travelers by eliminating the need to bounce around between travel booking websites.

Margaret Wall from told us “How does our service help the consumer? Google research announced the average travel shopper visits over 10 different travel sites before booking.  The average consumer is spending hours searching for travel rates. This is a lot of wasted time that can be eliminated by using  Our service makes it easier for shoppers to find the lowest rates.  Just let us search for you.  It’s fast. Easy. And it works better than any other travel site out there”.

Better than any other travel site?  Strong words by Wall but we agree.  Our testing in both 2103 and now 2014 backs it up.

2014 Test Results: Kayak & BestTravelCoupon:

We compared rates from 30 hotels in Los Angeles and Montreal.  We searched on the same day using Kayak and BTC.   Kayak failed to beat BTC on any comparison.  On 28 out of 30 BTC had a lower rate.  On the other 2, the same rate was found on both sites. Search results below: and


The Best Travel Booking Site Of 2014

Best Travel Booking AppBy consistently beating Kayak and the other travel sites, is our #1 travel booking site of 2014. uses a different flight search tool than Kayak.  When searching for flights we like to double check the rates on Kayak.

When booking hotels, let BestTravelCoupon do the heavy lifting for you.  They will search the large and small travel booking sites.  After a search you’ll find the results in a neat and easy-to-sort format.

BestTravelCoupon also has a free app on Google Play.  See link below.




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