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The Best Travel Search Engine Goes To

With the largest inventory of accommodations and consistently posting the lowest rates on both flights and hotels we give the best of class award to

Right now…this is the best place for hotel deals and discount flights.

They get our top spot because of both price and ease of use.  But mostly price.  After all…isn’t price the #1 factor for you when booking a hotel or flight?

What we have seen is they consistently beat the other travel sites on price.

It’s also a huge time saver.  Think of this…instead of jumping around from Orbitz, Priceline, Hotwire, and Expedia to find deals…just go to and they’ll search all of them for you and post the best rates.  This not only gives you the best price but it also saves a lot of wasted time searching a number of travel sites.  This is why we love “Travel Search Engines”.

You will find the best travel search engine at   Compare it to what you’ve used in the past such as Priceline or Orbitz. You’ll find they post more travel options and the best prices available on both hotels and flights.

Once you’re on the site you can see some of the price comparisons when you click “Proven Results”.  Here is a screenshot from a price comparison with

Check out this price comparison…


 As you can see, beat Expedia across the board on price.  In some cases by thousands of dollars.

With some hotels, Expedia had the lowest rate.  When this was the case, posted Expedia at the top of the search results for users to book these low rates.  This is why we love the site.  They created a fast and easy way for users to find the lowest rates on hotels and flights.  It’s fast.  It’s effective.  And it saves both time and money for users of the site.

We have also completed price comparisons with all of the top travel sites and our #1 Travel Site for online booking was  By providing the most travel options and the best price it was head and shoulders above the rest.

See How It Works Below.  Just Click Play For Quick Demo

You can also do your own search here and try it:

The beauty of this travel site is it eliminated the need to hunt and search all over the internet for hotel coupon codes, discount promotions, and generally wasting a lot of your time.  It’s a GREAT time saver.  And it works to consistently post the lowest rates for your hotels and flights.

So if…saving time…and saving money is important to you…then be sure to visit and bookmark


NOTE: Coming soon… is adding an “Apartment Search Function” and “Vacation Homes Function”.  This is popular in Europe and growing in the USA.  Instead of pricey hotels stay in private residences.  Adding this feature, is a sharp move by the company.