In our ongoing series of rate comparisons, we have matched up the popular with the upstart “Travel Search Engine” at

Our head-to-head comparisons include a same day rate comparison on 90 hotels in 6 cities.  15 hotels in each city.  We search and compare the same hotels on the same dates.  When comparing we use the TOTAL COST of the hotel (including any “Taxes and Fees” the booking site may add).

Compare Total Cost:

The Total Cost is important because some booking sites will post a lower nightly rate and then hide some additional fees in the “Taxes and Fees” they add right before booking.  Priceline works this way.  Priceline posts a “Nightly Rate” on the initial search and then requires you to click a page, enter yourfirst and last name, and then click another page before seeing the “TOTAL COST”.

On the other hand, instantly posts the lowest rates for all rooms on the initial results.

Parameters Of The Search:

For this comparison we searched 15 hotels in the following cities:  New Orleans, Boston, Miami, Munich, Dublin, & San Francisco.  You can see the final results in the graphic below. Hotel had the lowest rate on 82 of 90 searches (91%). had the lowest rate on 0 of 90 searches.  The 2 sites had the same rate on 8 of 90 searches (9%)

This 2013 Rate Comparison confirms our rating of as the best travel booking website and “Travel Search Engine” to book the lowest rates.    We list it as our #1 Travel Search Engine. is our #2 site.   For a comparison between and Click Here For This Comparison


See Full Report:

Please view the full report below.  It includes every hotel in the search and the final tally. Our top travel search engine for hotel deals and discount flights.  The site was launched in 2012 and continues to grow in popularity.  In February 2013, the company upgraded their app on Google Play.  The app is very easy to navigate and makes it easy to find low rates from any location.  You can see the app here: Click Here For Travel Search Engine App

See 2013 Rate Comparison With Click Here



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