An Old School Favorite

Priceline Review is one of the most successful online travel booking sites.  Website traffic to Priceline and revenue for the company remain very strong.

Name recognition is probably the #1 factor behind the strong sales today because other sites are beating them on price. (SEE RESEARCH BELOW)

Today, we feel the new “Travel Search Engine” type sites such as and have surpassed as the “go to” websites for travel deals.  Our 2013 research certainly back up this statement.

You can still find good deals on but we would encourage you to review our “2013 Rate Comparison” below.  We compared the search results from 90 hotels in 5 different cities.  We compared the rates on Priceline with our “#1 “Travel Search Engine” at

The results? Overwhelmingly the search results favored  They consistently beat the best rates on Priceline.  In fact, in 91% of searches, beat Priceline.  In the other 9%?   These sites posted the same rates.

How many times did beat the rate on  Try 0 out of 90 searches!  See all of the results below:



Check out our review of here: Click Here For Our #1 Travel Search Engine