Another Solid Choice


Kayak Review

Kayak is another excellent website for travel deals. It’s another “Travel Search Engine” that we prefer over the “more established” online travel sites.  The reason we prefer them? More options and generally better pricing.

Kayak allows users to enter a destination and date and they search their inventory for rates, as well as, other travel sites such as Expedia.

When searching for hotel rates on Kayak you may notice they tens to pull up the same rates as Expedia.com.  In fact in the 2012, IPO filing for Kayak, they revealed that over 35% of their revenue comes from Expedia.  In other words, Kayak sends a lot of thier visitors directly to Expedia.

This may change in the near future because Priceline.com purchased Kayak in late 2012 for over $1.8 billion.  The big question is: “Will Priceline.com continue to send business to their competitors at Expedia?”.   After the acquisition, Priceline did announce they will not change the search results on Kayak.

For flights, Kayak uses the Google flight search tool called “ITA Software”.  ITA SOftware is used by many travel booking sites.  Therefore, you will see many of the same results when chekcing rates on many different travel sites.

The travel site at BestTravelCoupon.com does NOT use ITA.  They use a completely independent fligth search tool that often pulls up more flight options and lower rates.   Our suggestion when search for arifare is to search on both Kayak and BestTravelCoupon.com.  Between the two sites, you should have everything covered by using these sites to search for you.

You can’t go wrong with Kayak for Hotels Deals and Discount Airfare.  It’s an excellent travel booking website. However, we see a slight edge going to BestTravelCoupon.com.

UPDATE 2013 –  We moved Kayak.com from #1 to #2 on our list in 2013.  The reason? In head-to-head rate comparisons with BestTravelCoupon.com Kayak came up on the losing side. See results here: Click Here For Recent Price Comparison