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Upgraded in our 2013 rankings and holding strong in 2014.  BTC is the #1 Travel Search Engine.  

Based on head-to-head rate comparisons in 2013 & 2014, BestTravelCoupon.com is the best travel booking site for hotel deals. They consistently post the best rates across a wide variety of testing with other travel sites.

This Travel Search Engine has access to the largest inventory of hotels of any website.  Users of BestTravelCoupon.com can instantly search 100s of travel sites with just one click.  The site will pull up the lowest rates and post them for you in an easy-to-sort format.

BestTravelCoupon.com works well for both flights and hotels.  You’ll see more options then any other travel site and they consistently post the best price.

The Proof…In 2013, we did a hotel rate comparison between our top 2 “travel search engines” (BestTravelCoupon.com & Kayak.com).   Let’s just say BestTravelCoupon.com dominated the results.  We searched and compared 90 hotels in 6 different cities. Here is the final tally:

Best Hotel Rates In 2013***The 2 sites had the same rate 13 times, Kayak had the lowest rate on 5 searches, & BestTravelCoupon had the lowest rate 72 out of 90 searches. To see the full report and more on this hotel price comparison just click here.

Why it works?

Its simple.  BestTravelCoupon searches more travel sites which gives you more options and lower rates.  For example with a hotel search they will check sites like Expedia and Priceline.  If these sites have the best price you will see it posted for a hotel.  But often times, the smaller sites they check have better rates.

Best Features:

  1. Largest Inventory of hotels of any travel site. This gives you more options then the other travel booking sites.
  2. Great Rates – In our tests, BestTravelCoupon.com consistently posted the lowest rates of any travel site.
  3. “Total Cost” – We love this feature.  This site instantly posts your total cost for a hotel. Sites like Priceline require you to click several pages and enter a name BEFORE seeing the total cost with the “Taxes and Fees” added.

Here is a screenshot from a price comparison for a hotel search we did in New York. We found a great price for a fine hotel called the “Millenium Hotel”. Great reviews. Great location for this hotel in New York City.

In this example, BestTravelCoupon.com beat the other travel sites by a wide margin. And then we went to the hotel website. This is a Hilton hotel so we searched the same dates for rates on Hilton.com. The rate on Hilton.com was $1,000 higher than the lowest rate on BestTravelCoupon.com.

Here is the screenshot from our search.


In summary, using BestTravelCoupon.com will save both time and money for you while providing you with more travel options than any other website.

You can visit their site for more price comparisons.  Just click on the “PROVEN RESULTS” link on the site. Or just do your own price comparison with your favorite travel site.  We’re confident you’ll see the enormous value with this site.

Click this link or the button below to visit the site:  http://BestTravelCoupon.com


2013 Rate Comparisons

In February 2013, we ran rate comparisons with BestTravelCoupon.com with Kayak.com and Priceline.com.    We checked a total of 180 hotels.  BestTravelCoupon.com dominated the results.

Here are 2 links to the full reports:

  • BestTravelCoupon.com vs Kayak.com – CLICK HERE
  • BestTravelCoupon.com vs Priceline.com – CLICK HERE


2014 Rate Comparisons

In August 2014, we ran a hotel rate challenge between Kayak and BestTravelCoupon.  These are our top travel booking sites so we wanted to place them in a head-to-head battle.

BestTravelCoupon won the battle.  See the article and full results here:

Travel App From BestTravelCoupon.com

BestTravelCoupon.com should be the first stop when searching for a hotel or flight especially if you’re on your mobile device.  They have a free app available on Google Play: Travel Search Engine App From BestTravelCoupon.com